Bringing Esports Professionals Together

Esports Industry and Investments is a professional networking group for the esports and gaming industries. Our mission is to promote the growth of esports through meaningful discussion between entrepreneurs, industry executives, and investors.

We host monthly events to learn about new companies in esports and discuss specific trends in the sector.



Mo Hallaba

Mo is the founder and CEO of REKT, a social media platform for gamers. Previously, he spent 10 years working in M&A, corporate development, and equity research at foreign and domestic banks.


Ian Seltzer

Ian is an esports and media industry veteran. His experience includes working at the intersection of entertainment and technology as an early employee of Hulu's content team, Paramount Digital, Vuguru, and Rogue Esports. He's also has extensive experience working with the New York Angels, the largest seed investing group in NYC.