Previous Speakers

Our previous speakers include a number of successful entrepreneurs and industry veterans. They've introduced us to cutting edge technologies and shared their thoughts on everything esports related - teams, players, advertisers, and more.

Rod "Slasher" Breslau - Esports Journalist

Rod is one of the top journalists in esports, providing fresh insights and breaking news on his Twitter.

Dana Kawar - FlipSid3 Tactics

Dana is the COO and co-owner of professional esports team FlipSid3 Tactics. F3 competes in top games across all three major platforms (PC, Console, and Mobile) and holds numerous world championships in several divisions. Dana also co-owns and runs StatsHelix, an esports game data and analytics company.

Tyler Schrodt - Electronic Gaming Federation

Tyler is the founder and CEO of EGF, which combines the best aspects of the NCAA and ESPN to bring eSports programs to colleges around the world.

leo hsu
Leo Hsu - aXiomatic Gaming

Leo is a Director of Business Strategy at aXiomatic Gaming, which invests with partners, builds, acquires and manages businesses across the entire interactive-gaming ecosystem. He is a gaming industry veteran with 10+ years in gaming, esports, and VR.

Grant Farwell - Matcherino

Grant is the Chairman and CSO of Matcherino, a crowdfunding platform for esports. The Matcherino platform includes tools to increase tournament prize pools including the ability for fans to buy custom game content and support for click through sponsor campaigns. Matcherino also offers financial services like prize pool escrow.

Matt Fairchild - Wavedash Games

Matt is the founder and CEO at Wavedash Games, a games studio building the next generation platform fighting game: Icons.

Mo Hallaba - REKT

Mo is the founder and CEO of REKT, a social media platform for gamers. Previously, he spent 10 years working in M&A, corporate development, and equity research at foreign and domestic banks.

Roger Quiles - 1337 Sports Management

Roger is a business, entertainment, and esports attorney based in NY and the founder of 1337 Sports Management, a full service esports player agency representing professional gamers in all aspects of their careers.

Mat Kaliski - Rubicon Venture Capital

Mat Kaliski is an NYC-based Associate at Rubicon Venture Capital (investments in MaestroUnikrn and Boom Fantasy). He has a particular interest in esports/gaming, Machine Learning, Enterprise SaaS and Fintech sectors.

Christopher Cataldi - Genvid Technologies

Chris is the co-founder and COO of Genvid Technologies, which helps game developers create exciting broadcasts of their games on any multicast network.

Carter Rodgers - Superdata Research

Carter is an esports analyst at Superdata Research, a leader in data, insights, and guidance for the gaming/esports industry.

Rahat Ahmed - TrinityVR

Rahat is the co-founder and Chief of Strategy at TrinityVR, which uses virtual reality simulations to create and capture data.

Zach Dixon - Players' Lounge

Zach is the co-founder of Players' Lounge, the most popular destination in the world to play FIFA, Madden and NBA2k in free or cash prize competitions.